The entertainment industry looks nothing like it did over a decade ago.  Some would rather cling to the belief that the industry will return to what we once considered “normal;” the implosion of the industry tells another story. The opportunities that exist today do not fit neatly in a box. Rather, they are born out of creative thinking and strategic planning. Where one-size-fits-all management once thrived, now only dynamic vision will succeed. In today’s constantly changing entertainment-business environment it has become clear: innovators hold the key to success.


Altius Management is a full-service entertainment and artist

management firm with a successful history of client-focused strategy and decisive action. Committed to total accessibility and accountability to  clients, Altius assists clients in developing and implementing innovative business integration models. The world-class Altius management team believes that their clients are the driving force behind careers. Client problems are treated like their problems and client successes become the building blocks of a cohesive success story.




We have honed our ability to monetize artist resources without dependence on standard major-label structures or traditional entertainment-business models.  This ability has been developed through a diverse clientbase which in turn widens the scope of viability when considering new projects..  As a result, Altius Management has had proven success in entering diverse entertainment fields with multi-talented clients.  It has been this strategic “big-picture” approach combined with detail-oriented day to day operations that has set Altius apart from the more traditional firms.






Altius Management's experienced, growth-centered approach provides innovative representation that builds toward the long-term success of clients while simultaneously capitalizing on and maximizing current opportunities. This approach has allowed Altius to successfully manage clients from a variety of disciplines while remaining at the forefront of emerging trends and innovations. Altius is a relational business - first on behalf of its clients, then its associates, and the entertainment industry as a whole.


ED NASH, President

Ed Nash's career began almost 25 years ago at the age of 9 when wrote a letter to a radio station in his hometown of Springfield, MA.  The program director at the station reviewed Ed's demo tape, and offered him an  opportunity to co-host their morning show. He made the move to Nashville at the age of 18 for college and quickly gained experience in all facets of the entertainment industry, from music publishing to tour management and production. He spent several years touring with headlining superstars before founding his first entertainment management firm.  He has managed a variety of diverse, successful clients over the past several years and have built an innovative company in Altius Management.  Headquartered in Nashville, Ed works extensively with music, comedy, television and film clients as well as corporate brand entities.  As a writer, Nash's articles and blogs have been read by millions, making him a go-to resource for several major media outlets regarding current business and entertainment trends  Also operating under the umbrella of Altius Management, Nash is an in-demand consultant as well as media and event producer.


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